Calibration circle, Jon Lomberg
Solar location map, Frank Drake

Mathematical definitions, Frank Drake

Physical unit definitions, Frank Drake

Solar system parameters, Frank Drake

Solar system parameters, Frank Drake

The Sun, Hale observatories

Solar spectrum, National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, Cornell University (NAIC)

Mercury, NASA

Mars, NASA

Jupiter, NASA

Earth, NASA

Egypt, Red Sea, Sinai Peninsula and the Nile, NASA

Chemical definitions, Frank Drake

DNA Structure, Jon Lomberg

DNA Structure magnified, light hit, Jon Lomberg

Cells and cell division, Turtox/Cambosco

Anatomy 1, World Book

Anatomy 2, World Book

Anatomy 3, World Book

Anatomy 4, World Book

Anatomy 5, World Book

Anatomy 6, World Book

Anatomy 7, World Book

Anatomy 8, World Book

Human sex organs, Sinauer Associates, Inc.

Diagram of conception, Jon Lomberg

Conception , Albert Bonniers; Forlag, Stockholm

Fertilized ovum, Albert Bonniers; Forlag, Stockholm

Fetus diagram, Jon Lomberg

Fetus, Dr. Frank Allan

Diagram of male and female, Jon Lomberg

Birth, Wayne Miller

Nursing mother, UN

Father and daughter (Malaysia), David Harvey

Group of children, Ruby Mera, UNICEF

Diagram of family ages, Jon Lomberg

Family portrait, Nina Leen, Time, Inc.

Diagram of continental drift, Jon Lomberg

Structure of Earth, Jon Lomberg

Heron Island (Great Barrier Reef of Australia), Dr. Jay M. Pasachoff

Seashore, Dick Smith

Snake River and Grand Tetons, Ansel Adams

Sand dunes, George Mobley

Monument Valley, Shostal Associates, Inc.

Forest scene with mushrooms, Bruce Dale

Leaf, Arthur Herrick

Fallen leaves, Jodi Cobb

Snowflake over Sequoia, Josef Muench, R. Sisson

Tree with daffodils, Gardens Winterthur, Winterthur Museum

Flying insect with flowers, Borne on the Wind, Stephen Dalton

Diagram of vertebrate evolution, Jon Lomberg

Seashell (Xancidae), Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Dolphins, Thomas Nebbia

School of fish, David Doubilet

Tree toad, Dave Wickstrom

Crocodile, Peter Beard

Eagle, Donona, Taplinger Publishing Co.

Waterhole, South African Tourist Corp.

Jane Goodall and chimps, Vanne Morris-Goodall

Sketch of bushmen, Jon Lomberg

Bushmen hunters, R. Farbman, Time, Inc.

Man from Guatemala, UN

Dancer from Bali, donna Grosvenor

Andean girls, Joseph Scherschel

Thailand craftsman, Dean conger

Elephant, Peter Kunstadter

Old man with beard and glasses (Turkey), Jonathon Blair

Old man with dog and flowers, Bruce Baumann

Mountain climber, Gaston Rebuffat

Gymnast, Philip Leonian, Sports Illustrated

Sprinters (Valeri Borzov of the U.S.S.R. in lead), History of the Olympics, Picturepoint, London
Schoolroom, UN

Children with globe, UN

Cotton harvest, Howell Walker

Grape picker, David Moore

Supermarket, NAIC

Underwater scene with diver and fish, Jerry Greenberg

Fishing boat with nets, UN

Cooking fish, Cooking of Spain and Portugal, Time-Life Books

Chinese dinner party, Time-Life Books

Demonstration of licking, eating and drinking, NAIC

Great Wall of China, H. Edward Kim

House construction (African), UN

Construction scene (Amish country), William Albert Allard

House (Africa), UN

House (New England), Robert Sisson

Modern house (Cloudcroft, New Mexico), Frank Drake

House interior with artist and fire, Jim Amos

Taj Mahal, David Carroll

English city (Oxford), C.S. Lewis, images of His World, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Boston, Ted Spiegel

UN Building Day, UN

UN Building Night, UN

Sydney Opera House, Mike Long

Artisan with drill, Frank Hewlett

Factory interior, Fred Ward

Museum, David Cupp

X-ray of hand, NAIC

Woman with microscope, UN

Street scene, Asia (Pakistan), UN

Rush hour traffic, India, UN

Modern highway (Ithaca), NAIC

Golden Gate Bridge, Ansel Adams

Train, Gordon Gahan

Airplane in flight, Frank Drake

Airport (Toronto), George Hunter

Antarctic Expedition, Great Adventures with the National Geographic National Geographic

Radio telescope (Westerbork, Netherlands), James Blair

Radio telescope (Arecibo), NAIC

Page of book (Newton, System of the World), NAIC

Astronaut in space, NASA

Titan Centaur launch, NASA

Sunset with birds, David Harvey

String Quartet (Quartetto Italiano), Phillips Recordings

Violin with music score (Cavatina), NAIC